Quarantine Yoga – Breaking Down the Best Yoga Videos Online!

Last winter I was really upping my yoga game in an attempt to manage what seemed like never ending exhaustion related to work stress. I did hot yoga 5X a week and felt like the baddest bitch in town. My body shape and size changed dramatically and I had much more energy. However once March/CovidContinue reading “Quarantine Yoga – Breaking Down the Best Yoga Videos Online!”

Maskne: How I got my skin back

Covid had not even touched our shores yet, but the anxiety of having to navigate a public health crisis while working at the county jail had become too daunting for me. My breakouts began even before we were mandated to wear masks at work. Initially I tried wearing no makeup thinking this would help, ItContinue reading “Maskne: How I got my skin back”

The Breakdown

It’s been over ten years since I worked at “The Group Home” and its still a bit too raw to write about. It’s where I become tough, strong and assertive. Its also the reason I started to suffer from chronic constipation . . . I had to combat this the boring way and its stillContinue reading “The Breakdown”