Coping with the Pandemic as a First Responder without quitting your job!

I was on my way to work for swing shift and had The Howard Stern Show on. Stern was speaking to an ICU doctor who was frustratingly describing the daily death toll in his ICU, which had become unmanageable for his team. As the doctor was wrapping up over the phone he became more impassionedContinue reading “Coping with the Pandemic as a First Responder without quitting your job!”

Quarantine Yoga – Breaking Down the Best Yoga Videos Online!

Last winter while working as the jail discharge planner I had noticed that my fatigue had become all consuming. I struggled doing basic tasks even on the weekend and was sleeping in till noon routinely. While good sleep is always recommended, I wanted life to begin at 9 am on the weekends, waking up atContinue reading “Quarantine Yoga – Breaking Down the Best Yoga Videos Online!”

Maskne: How I got my skin back

Covid had not even touched our shores yet, but the anxiety of having to navigate a public health crisis while working at the county jail had become too daunting for me. My breakouts began even before we were mandated to wear masks at work. Initially I tried wearing no makeup thinking this would help, ItContinue reading “Maskne: How I got my skin back”

The Breakdown

It’s been over ten years since I worked at “The Group Home” and its still a bit too raw to write about. It’s where I become tough, strong and assertive. Its also the reason I started to suffer from chronic constipation . . . I had to combat this the boring way and its stillContinue reading “The Breakdown”